Last episode of the series 我在哪里?(Where Am I?)
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 1,797 | Date: 2016-09-29 15:05

On October 4, the last episode of Where Am I? will be released. 

Where Am I? is a simple guessing game that provides clues about everyday settings. Look forward to the last episode! 

On October 11, we will start to release 14 of our Level 3 single stories. Below is the list of the single stories.

Level Title
3  我的家 (In My House)
 看爸爸 (Visiting Dad)
 我很喜欢帮助别人 ( I Like to Help Others)
 六岁生日 (My Sixth Birthday)
 忙碌的一天 (A Busy Day)
 保持健康 (Healthy)
 到处都有标志 (Signs Are Everywhere)
 在半夜 (In the Middle of the Night)
 书 (Books)
 春天 (Spring is Beginning)
 水很珍贵 (Wonderful Water)
 这是什么球? (What ball is this?)
 我们来自哪里?(Where We Are From)
 过去和现在 (Long Ago and Now)