Schedule of New Releases in November 2016
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New releases for November 2016 are scheduled as below,

Day Level Title Detail

 小蝙蝠和朋友们 (Bat and Friends)

Bat, Cat, Cow, Dog, and Pig are five animal friends who live together in a barn. See how these different animals learn to understand each other and become good friends. 

(A Little Original Series. 72 Stories)


November 1

  六岁生日 (My Sixth Birthday)

What kind of birthday do you want? Learn expressions with 想 (want) as a boy imagines his sixth birthday party. 

(Single Story) 

November 8

  忙碌的一天 (A Busy Day) 

Whew! A boy has a busy day around town. Learn expressions using 去 (go) and find out where the boy goes and what he does at each place. 

(Single Story) 

November 15 

  保持健康 (Healthy)

What do people do to stay healthy? Learn expressions with 怎样 (how) as a boy interviews people to see how they stay healthy. 

(Single Story)

November 22

  到处都有标志 (Signs Are Everywhere)

Signs are everywhere. Find out what the signs mean in this story that teaches expressions with 那边有 (there is). 

(Single Story)  

November 29 

  在半夜 (In the Middle of the Night)

Not everyone sleeps at night. Find out what doctors, police, pilots, and other people do at night. 

(Single Story) 


 魔法笔 (Magic Marker)

Follow the adventures of Maxie the cat and Taco the parrot with their magic marker that brings drawings to life! 

(A Little Original Series. 72 Stories)


November 10 

 小鸟和基普 (Bird and Kip)

Season 1, Last Episode

Kip, a fun loving squirrel, moves into Bird's quiet tree. Find out how these two different animals become best friends. 

(A Little Original Series. 48 Stories)

November 17

 在晚上 (At Night)

Where do animals sleep at night? Learn how to use 在~里 (in) and find out where the horse, squirrel, and other animals sleep at night. 

(Single Story)

November 24

 我的宠物 (My Pet)

A boy walks by a pet store every day. What does he see? Learn the expressions 看到 (see) and 得到 (get). What pet will he get? 

(Single Story)


 泰迪的一天 (Teddy's Day)

How does Teddy feel? Learn expressions about moods and feelings in this song. 


 我也做 (Me Too!)

Mom and Dad do things. Can you do them too? Learn expressions for daily actions in this song. 


 最好的 (The Best)

Find out which dog wins the dog show in this song that teaches how to describe appearances. 


 四季真有趣 (Seasons Are Fun)

How are the seasons different? Learn expressions about the four seasons in this song. 


The last episode of 小鸟和基普 (Bird and Kip) Season 1 will be released on November 11. Starting November 17, a new level 2 single story will be released every Thursday.  

A detailed schedule of daily new releases in November will be available on the first day of November. 

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