New Single Story: "收割时节" (Harvest Time) - Level 5
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 1,453 | Date: 2017-05-30 10:46

A new single story, "收割时节" (Harvest Time), will be released on Wednesday, May 31

A mother lark teaches her chicks a lesson about the farmer's harvest.


One day while she was out looking for food, a farmer and his son went for a walk in the field. 

They stopped near the lark’s nest and began to talk.



"My wheat is ripe," he said. "It is time for harvest. I will ask my friends to help me harvest my wheat." 

The son agreed, but he still looked very disappointed. 

The mother lark saw the farmer walk near her nest and flew home as fast as she could.

When will the farmer harvest his wheat? What will happen to the lark family? 

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