New Series : 穿靴子的猫 (Puss in Boots)
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 410 | Date: 2021-09-29 09:32

Fairy Tale Fun and a Talking Cat Every Tuesday!

Little Fox's new series 穿靴子的猫 (Puss in Boots, Level 3, 24 Chapters) begins on Tuesday, October 5. An adaptation of the classic fairy tale, this series tells the story of poor Carabas and a very special cat.

Kindhearted Carabas needs money, but all he gets when his father dies is a cat named Puss. Little does Carabas know that Puss is no ordinary cat. Will the walking, talking, boot-wearing Puss be able to change Carabas' life?

Find out what happens when Puss puts on his boots starting October 5, with a new chapter every Tuesday!

  • 卡拉巴斯

  • 普斯

  • 国王

  • 菲奥娜

  • 食人魔