Little Fox Chinese is now open!
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 2,762 | Date: 2016-09-19 10:14

It’s now here! Little Fox Chinese has animated stories, songs, and games to help you learn Chinese in a fun way.

You can now enjoy many of our popular songs and stories, such as Bat and Friends and Rocket Girl, in Chinese! Also, there are new series that teach the basics of Chinese, such as Ni Hao Chinese! We hope you enjoy Little Fox Chinese!   

Features of Little Fox Chinese 

1. There is fun content for everyone! 

The Little Fox Chinese website currently features over 500 animated stories and songs. Also, a new story or song is published every day, from Monday to Friday. 

2. The animated stories are structured for learning. 

The stories progress from Level 1 to 5 with controlled vocabulary and sentence length. By reading the animated stories, readers can build their Chinese language proficiency. 

3. Each story has helpful study tools. 

Each story has a quiz, vocabulary list, story translation, printable book, and a downloadable MP3. These learning resources help readers check vocabulary, pinyin, and comprehension! 

4. It’s free! 

Readers can have access to all of our content simply by signing up!