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Learning Chinese by reading animated stories is a
Learning a new language takes time and dedication. There is a Chinese proverb, "Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still." People tend to give up learning a language if they feel that it takes a long time to gain the skills. The important thing is to keep going, even if you think it is going slowly. If you consistently build your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills in a natural and fun way, you're bound to improve!
The animations in Little Fox Chinese Stories are just-right levels for Chinese language learners. The exciting and well-known stories definitely gets people more interested in language learning. The content has been translated by translators who speak Chinese as a native language, and edited by Chinese education professors to check for authenticity and naturalness.
The animations also show the structure of Chinese syllables, such as tones. Pinyin is provided so people can read Chinese easily. Learners can build vocabulary by studying the given pinyin. There are many helpful resources provided for Chinese learners.
Little Fox Chinese has engaging animations to make learning Chinese fun and to encourage learners. It teaches everyday expressions, vocabulary, tones, pinyin, pronunciation, and more. I want to express my thanks to the Little Fox Chinese Team for this content. With animated stories, learners can quickly improve their Chinese language proficiency.
Zhe Lian
Department of Chinese Studies
Hallym University
Chinese contents for kids and teenagers
Compared to English, learning resources for Chinese are limited. When I heard that Little Fox started to create animated content to help people learn Chinese, I knew this was great news for all Chinese learners. Little Fox produces high quality animated content for language learning, and their stories and songs would definitely encourage everyone to learn a new language.
Professional Chinese educators worked with Little Fox to organize a new curriculum for Chinese. Animated single stories and even series like Mrs. Kelly's Class, Bird and Kip are fun and easy to understand. Also, the animated songs act as a review of what you learned with the stories. Chinese is not an easy language for beginners because you need to learn both Chinese characters and pronunciation at the same time. Therefore, watching fun songs with an upbeat melody can be an excellent way to start learning Chinese! If you’re interested in learning Chinese, you need to begin right away when so you can acquire the basic skills more easily.
A good start is half way to success. If you have made up your mind to learn Chinese, Little Fox Chinese will surely be your best friend and teacher.
Dr. Gil Cho, Ph.D.
Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Hyupsung University