User Guide 学习方法指导


You can check comprehension by taking quizzes.
Quizzes for stories in Levels 1 and 2 require you to listen to the question and choose
the correct image. Quizzes for stories in Levels 3 and higher require
you to
read the question and choose the correct answer.

Levels 1 and 2

Quizzes capture1

Levels 3, 4, and 5

Quizzes capture2

You can check your score right after taking the quiz.
The score is saved in your Learning Log.

Quizzes capture3

save button capture example Save the score in your Learning Log.

save button capture example Take the quiz again.


You can check the sounds, pinyin, and meanings of the words from the story, and see
example sentences with the words.Level 1 stories also have illustrations for the words.

Vocabulary capture1
  1. 1 Print the vocabulary and review the words anytime.
  2. 2 Select words to listen to their sounds, or play them all. Adjust playback intervals by selecting time.

Hide the words, pinyin, meanings, sentences, and illustrations.

Vocabulary capture2

Vocabulary capture example Click to hide.


Each story has a Text/Translation document to help you better understand the story.

Levels 1 and 2 For stories in Levels 1 and 2, the pinyin is given.

Text/Translation capture1

Levels 3, 4, and 5 For stories in Levels 3 and higher, the pinyin is not given.

Text/Translation capture2


A downloadable MP3 file lets you listen to stories and songs on your computer or mobile device.

MP3 capture1

Printable Books

Each story has an illustrated PDF file that you can print, fold, and staple to make a printable book.

Levels 1, 2, and 3 Landscape

Printable Books capture1
  1. 01

    Cut the covers along the cutting line.

    Printable Books capture1_1
  2. 02

    Fold the inside pages along the dotted line.

    Printable Books capture1_2
  3. 03

    Put the inside pages between the covers
    in numerical order.

    Printable Books capture1_3
  4. 04

    Staple the covers and inside
    pages together.

    Printable Books capture1_4

Levels 4 and 5 Portrait

Printable Books capture2
  1. 01

    Fold the covers and inside pages
    along the line.

    Printable Books capture2_1
  2. 02

    Put the inside pages between
    the covers in numerical order.

    Printable Books capture2_1
  3. 03

    Staple the covers and inside
    pages together.

    Printable Books capture2_1

Star Words

Practice vocabulary from each story by playing the fun timed-matching game Star Words.

Star Words capture1
Star Words capture2

Learning Log

Check your daily learning activities on the Learning Log graph.

Learning Log capture1
  1. 1 Select a time period to display Learning Log data for that period.
  2. 2 Select to display one-by-one views or autoplay views.

View detailed learning information for stories, songs, quizzes,
and autoplay views by clicking on the graph.

Learning Log capture2

View Learning Log data by levels.

Learning Log capture3


Attendance gives a stamp on the calendar for each day you view one full story or song.
Your attendance only records if you view more than one story or song and have records
in the Learning Log on a given day.

Attendance capture1


Badges can be earned by viewing stories and completing quizzes.
You must view stories one by one from beginning to end,
and receive a score of “Good” or higher on the quizzes.

  1. Badges capture1_1

    01 When you view one story of a series,
    a blank badge will be created.

  2. Badges capture1_2

    02 Choose a character to display on
    your badge.

  3. Badges capture1_3

    03 The badge will change to the character
    you’ve chosen, and you can view
    your progress toward the badge.

  4. Badges capture1_4

    04 Hover over the badge to show the buttons
    for “See Progress” and “Hide Badge.”

  5. Badges capture1_5

    05 When you click a badge after viewing all
    of the stories in a series and completing all
    of the quizzes, you can click “See Progress”
    and obtain the completed badge.

  6. Badges capture1_6

    06 This message will display.

  7. Badges capture1_7

    07 You can display a completed badge as
    your profile icon badge or hide the badge.


You will be awarded certificates of achievement based on your learning points
earned by watching stories one by one.
You will receive your first certificate when you receive 500 learning points.
After 500 learning points, you will receive certificates for every 1,000 learning points.

Certificates capture1

My Vocabulary

You can select vocabulary words from stories and save them to My Vocabulary.

My Vocabulary capture1

You can save up to ten lists or a total of 300 vocabulary words in My Vocabulary.

My Vocabulary capture2
  1. 1 Gear capture example You can edit your vocabulary lists by clicking the gear icon.
  2. 2 You can select words and delete them, or move or copy them to another list.

You can create new lists and delete them.

My Vocabulary capture3