A New Way to Learn Chinese!
Little Fox Chinese is a language program that allows anyone to learn the Chinese language in a fun and engaging way. Whether you are a beginning or advanced speaker of Chinese, we customized the program so people can learn with animated stories, songs, and games.

Features of Little Fox Chinese

A new story or song is published
every day from Monday to Friday.

Learners follow a leveled curriculum
that develops and expands skills.

Each story includes helpful
study tools.

A variety of certificates and badges
help to motivate study

Fun and Engaging Content

Chinese Animated Stories

Listening Skills
Stories feature natural, everyday Chinese usage and pronunciation.
Comprehension Skills
Engaging animations teach Chinese through context.
Vocabulary and Word Use
Learn and build vocabulary through the stories and play the games to practice.
Helpful Study Tools
Highlighted story text, vocabulary list, story translation, text-only version,
downloadable MP3, quiz, and game available for each story.

Chinese Animated Songs

Chinese Learning Songs
Learn greetings, self-introductions, numbers, colors, and more.
Build Confidence
Chant and sing along to build familiarity and confidence in Chinese.

Chinese Word Games

Star Words
Learn and practice Chinese characters and pinyin with this vocabulary game set in space.
Matching Game
Match the pictures and sounds to the pinyin and Chinese characters.
Memory Game
Play Memory with pictures, pinyin, and Chinese Characters.