Schedule of New Releases in December 2016
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New releases for December 2016 are scheduled as below,

Day Level Title Detail

 小蝙蝠和朋友们 (Bat and Friends)

Bat, Cat, Cow, Dog, and Pig are five animal friends who live together in a barn. See how these different animals learn to understand each other and become good friends. 

(A Little Original Series. 72 Stories)


December 6

  书 (Books)

Fairy tales and ghost stories! Find out what books a boy likes to read and learn how the expression 读书 (reading a book). What's your favorite book? 

(Single Story) 

December 13

  春天 (Spring) 

When winter is over, it's time for spring! That means, fresh air and pretty flowers. What else happens in spring? Follow along with a girl on a beautiful 春天 (spring) day. 

(Single Story) 

December 20

  水很珍贵 (Water Is Precious)

Water is precious! People need water. Animals need water too. Find out why water is precious and learn the expression 因为~所以 (because A, B). Why do you need water?  

(Single Story)

December 27

  这是什么球? (What Ball Is This?)

What ball can you kick into a goal? Or hit with a racket? Find out all about the sizes and shapes of balls and practice the expression 可以 (can). What's you're favorite ball?  

(Single Story).   


 魔法笔 (Magic Marker)

Follow the adventures of Maxie the cat and Taco the parrot with their magic marker that brings drawings to life!  

(A Little Original Series. 72 Stories)


December 1

 我在六点半起床 (I Get Up At Six Thirty)

It's morning! Our cute animals friends need to get ready for school. What else will they do today? Find out about their day and learn how to use 在 (at + [time])!  

(Single Story)

December 8

 我用什么吃这个? (How Do I Eat This?)

Forks, knives, spoons, or chopsticks? What do you use to eat your favorite foods? Find out how a girl eats her food and practice the expression 用 (~with). 

(Single Story) 

December 15

 我的五种感官 (My Five Senses)

Do you know your five senses? Learn all about the five senses with a boy as he takes a walk through the park. (Single Story) 

December 22

 蜡笔 (Crayons)

What can you draw with a red crayon? Or a blue one? Learn all about colors and the names of fruit with a new box of crayons. 

(Single Story) 

December 29

 会飞的东西 (Things That Fly)

Airplanes, kites, balloons all fly. What other things fly? Where do they fly to? Learn all about things that fly and practice the expression 飞 (fly). 

(Single Story) 


 我生病了(I Am Sick)

Uh-oh! The animals are sick. Find out where they hurt and practice the expression 病 (hurt). 


 生日快乐 (Happy Birthday)

What do you need for a birthday party? Sing along with this chant that teaches the expression 生日快乐 (Happy Birthday). (Chant)

 小猫在哪里?(Where Is The Kitty?)

Help the boy find where Kitty is hiding in this chant that teaches the expressions 不在~下 (is not under) and 在~下 (is under). 



December 23

 你叫什么名字?(What's Your Name?)

Learn everyday expressions by singing along with characters from the Little Fox original series Magic Marker. 


December 30

 你在做什么?(What Are You Doing?)

Learn everyday expressions by singing along with characters from the Little Fox original series Magic Marker. 


Starting December 23, a song featuring characters from the Little Fox original series Magic Marker will be released every Friday.

A detailed schedule of daily new releases will be available on December 1

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