Schedule of New Releases in January 2017
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 2,363 | Date: 2016-12-29 11:47
New releases for January 2017 are scheduled as below,

Day Level Title Detail

 小蝙蝠和朋友们 (Bat and Friends)

Bat, Cat, Cow, Dog, and Pig are five animal friends who live together in a barn. See how these different animals learn to understand each other and become good friends.  

(A Little Original Series. 72 Stories)


January 3

 我们来自哪里?(Where We Are From?)

A girl's classmates have parents from around the world. Learn about their countries and cultures and how to use the expression "来自" (be from).

(Single Story)  

January 10

 过去和现在 (Long Ago and Now)

How was life a long time ago? How is it now? Find out what's different and learn how to use the expressions "很久以前" (long ago) and "现在" (now). 

(Single Story) 


January 17

 拇指姑娘 (Thumbelina)

When a tiny girl named Thumbelina gets kidnapped from her home by a toad, many adventures follow. 

Adapted from the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. (16 Chapters)


 魔法笔 (Magic Marker)

Follow the adventures of Maxie the cat and Taco the parrot with their magic marker that brings drawings to life!  

(A Little Original Series. 72 Stories)


January 5

 它是一种蔬菜吗?(Is It a Vegetable?)

Can you figure out if it's a vegetable from the size, shape, and color? Practice the expression "又…又…" (be A and B) when describing something. 

(Single Story) 

January 12

 新衣服 (New Clothes)

It's a girl's birthday and there are so many presents! What could be inside the colorful boxes? Learn the expression "在…里" (inside) as the girl opens her presents.  

(Single Story) 

January 19

 听话的迪格里! (Good Dog, Digly!)

Digly can do many tricks! Learn how to give commands like "坐下" (sit), "站起来" (stand up), "跳上来" (jump up). Can your pet do tricks?  

(Single Story)

January 26

 我喜欢 (What I Like)

A girl talks about the things she likes and why she likes them. Learn and practice using the expression "因为" (because). 

(Single Story)


 这是什么?(What Is This?)

Learn everyday expressions by singing along with characters from the Little Fox original series Magic Marker. 


 你喜欢比萨吗?(Do You Like Pizza?)

 踢足球吧!(Let's Play Soccer!)

 马克西在哪里?(Where's Maxie?)

A new level 4 series, Thumbelina, will be released every Tuesday starting on January 17.

The Publishing Schedule will be available from January 1. 

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