New Single Story "听话的迪格里" (Good Dog, Digly!)
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 2,368 | Date: 2017-01-17 17:36

A new level 2 single story, "听话的迪格里" (Good Dog, Digly!), will be released on Thursday, January 19. Digly can do many tricks! What tricks can the dog do? 

它会坐下。 迪格里,坐下! 
It can sit down. 
Digly, sit down! 

It can stand up.
Digly, stand up! Good boy! 

It can jump up on a box. 
Digly, jump up! 

Learn how to give commands like "坐下" (sit), "站起来" (stand up), "跳上来" (jump up). Can your pet do tricks?