Schedule of New Releases for July 2017
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New releases for July 2017 are schedule as below:


 认识动物 (Meet the Animals)

Do you like animals? This Little Fox original series introduces wild animals from all over the world. Simple sentences and real photos teach fun facts about these amazing creatures. What's your favorite animal? 

(Series, 20 Episodes) 


July 4

 最厉害的新郎 (The Greatest Bridegroom)

A mole father searches high and low to find the greatest bridegroom for his daughter. (Single Story)

July 11

 狐狸和乌鸦 (The Fox and the Crow)

A sly fox wants to get the crow's cheese and he teaches the crow an important lesson about flattery. (Single Story)

July 17

 从贫民到总统 (From Pauper to President)

Jimmy was a poor boy, working on a farm. Many years later, the farmer receives a shock when he realizes who Jimmy became. (Single Story)

July 25 

 北极探险家 (The Arctic Explorer)

Ricky's dream is to become an Arctic explorer. But will it be as fun and easy as he thinks? (Single Story)


July 5

 神奇的雪屋 (The Amazing Snow House)

Find out why and how the Inuit build their amazing snow house, the igloo. (Single Story)


July 12

New Series

 山姆和小狗幸运 (Sam and Lucky)

This Little Fox original series tells the touching story of a boy named Sam and his new pet dog, Lucky. (Series, 38 Episodes)


 阿拉丁和神灯 (Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp)

Aladdin, a poor tailor's son finds a magic lamp. Will the lamp help Aladdin escape from an evil magician named Magrib? Can he win the hand of a beautiful princess? Find out every Thursday!

(Series, 24 Episodes)


July 7

 学校在哪里? (Where Is the School?)

Learn everyday expressions by singing along with characters from the Little Fox original series Magic Marker. (Song)

July 14

 你多久钓一次鱼? (How Often Do You Go Fishing?)

July 21

 你什么时候吃午餐? (When Do You Eat Lunch?)

July 28

 你怎么去那里? (How Are You Going There?)

※ A new level 4 single story will be released every Tuesday. Starting Wednesday, July 12, the new level 2 series 山姆和小狗幸运 (Sam and Lucky) will be released every Wednesday.

The Publishing Schedule will be available from July 1.

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