Schedule of New Releases for August 2017
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New releases for August 2017 are schedule as below:


 认识动物 (Meet the Animals)

Do you like animals? This Little Fox original series introduces wild animals from all over the world. Simple sentences and real photos teach fun facts about these amazing creatures. What's your favorite animal? 

(Series, 20 Episodes) 


August 1

 金蛋 (The Golden Egg)

A poor farmer and his wife think they have good luck when their chicken starts to lay golden eggs. Will their luck last or will they get too greedy? (Single Story) 

August 8

 小红帽 (Little Red Riding Hood)

Little Red Riding Hood travels through the forest to take food to her sick grandmother. But when she gets to Grandma's house, something about Grandma seems very different. (Single Story) 

August 15

 三只小猪 (The Three Little Pigs)

Three little pigs go off and build houses, but what will they do when the big bad wolf comes? (Single Story) 


August 22 

New Series

 我是谁? (Who Am I?)

A simple guessing game for readers, Who Am I? provides clues about everyday jobs. As readers try to guess the jobs, they learn and practice key vocabulary words.. (A Little Fox Original Series, 20 episodes)


 山姆和小狗幸运 (Sam and Lucky)

This Little Fox original series tells the touching story of a boy named Sam and his new pet dog, Lucky. (Series, 38 Episodes)


August 3 

New Series

 许愿井 (The Wishing Well)

The Wishing Well is a modern adaptation of English author Edith Nesbit's Five Children and It. The Barth children uncover a weird-looking creature named Huey, who grants a wish every day. Who is this creature and will he be able to grant the children's wishes? (28 chapters) 


August 4 

 你昨天在哪里?(Where Were You Yesterday?)

Learn everyday expressions by singing along with characters from the Little Fox original series Magic Marker. (Song)

August 11 

 你昨天做了什么?(What Did You Do Yesterday?)

August 18 

 你看见了什么?(What Did You See?)


August 25 

 可爱! (Cute!)

Practice the expressions from the single story "可爱!" (Cute!) with this fun new Chant. 

※ Starting Tuesday, August 22, a new episode of 我是谁? (Who Am I?) will be released every Tuesday. Starting Thursday, August 3, a new episode of 许愿井 (The Wishing Well) will be released every Thursday. 

※ Starting Friday, August 25, a new chant featuring expressions from a related single story will be released every Friday.

The Publishing Schedule will be available from August 1.

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