New Single Story: "小红帽" (Little Red Riding Hood) - Level 4
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 3,106 | Date: 2017-08-03 15:39

A new single story, "小红帽" (Little Red Riding Hood), will be released on Tuesday, August 8

Little Red Riding Hood travels through the forest to take food to her sick grandmother. 

But in the forest she meets someone she didn't expect.


Narrator: In the forest lived a big, bad, and very hungry wolf.


Wolf: There’s nothing to eat in this forest. I’m sick of squirrels. The rabbits taste rotten. I want something new and yummy.


Narrator: Just then, Little Red Riding Hood walked by. She stopped when she saw the wolf.

What will happen when Little Red Riding Hood gets to Grandma's house?