New Single Story: "三只小猪" (The Three Little Pigs) - Level 4
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 3,375 | Date: 2017-08-11 09:08

A new single story, "三只小猪" (The Three Little Pigs), will be released on Tuesday, August 15

Three little pigs go off and build houses.

旁白: 三只小猪走了不同的方向。克里遇到一头卖茅草的山羊。

Narrator: The three pigs went in different directions. Curly met a goat selling straw. 


Curly: I’ll build a house of straw. 

旁白: 同时,昌基遇到了一只买木头的海狸。

Narrator: Meanwhile, Chunky met a beaver selling sticks. 


Chunky: I’ll build a house of sticks. 

旁白: 同时,品基遇到了一匹卖砖头的马。

Narrator: Meanwhile, Pinky met a horse selling bricks.


Pinky: I’ll build my house with bricks. 

What will the three little pigs do when Willis, the wolf, shows up at their houses?