Schedule of New Releases in April 2018
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New releases in April 2018 are scheduled as below:


 西游记 (Journey to the West)

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King with amazing powers, is punished for always causing trouble and mischief. When the Tang Monk heads west to get the True Scriptures, it is up to Sun Wukong to protect him from harm. Adapted from the classic Chinese novel by Wu Cheng'en. (32 chapters)


 汽车学校 (Car School)

A Little Fox original series with dump truck Didi, clown car Pipi, ice cream truck Bingbing; bulldozer Keke; and Xingxing, a speedy race car who likes to show off. (36 Episodes)


Wednesday, April 4 

 火箭女孩儿 (Rocket Girl) Season 2

Metro City is in trouble again and only one superhero can save the day. Join Rocket Girl as she keeps Metro City safe! A Little Fox original series. (20 Episodes)


 魔法师和猫咪 (Wizard and Cat)

Tom is a young wizard who isn't very good at magic. Luckily, clever Cat is always around to help Tom. (24 Episodes)


Friday, April 6

 十个宝宝床上躺 (Ten Kids in a Bed)

Count and sing along from ten to one with ten sleepy dinosaurs rolling over in a bed. (Song)

Friday, April 13

 编个玫瑰花环 (Ring Around the Rosy)

Sing along with this classic song! (Song)

Friday, April 20

 松饼爷爷 (The Muffin Man)

Sing along with the muffin man as he delivers freshly baked muffins! (Song)

Friday, April 27

 溪谷里的农夫 (The Farmer in the Dell)

Sing and dance along with a farmer and his family at their cute farm in the dell! (Song)

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