Schedule of New Releases in July 2020
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 44 | Date: 2020-06-22 16:47

New releases in July 2020 are scheduled as below:


 柳树溪双胞胎 (The Willow Creek Twins)

What's it like to be a twin? Follow the adventures of Katie and Joy Donovan in Willow Creek to find out in this Little Fox original series. (24 Episodes)

Tuesday, July 28 Final Episode

 阳光学校 (Sunshine School)

Join Jenna, Lucy, Coby, and Mark in Teacher Gray's class at Sunshine School and find out why Room Two is the best! (48 Episodes)

Wednesday, July 1

New Song

 天气怎么样? (How Is the Weather?)

Sing along with this cute song to practice expressions about the weather!

Wednesday, July 8

New Song

 树林里的小木屋 (Little Cabin in the Woods)

A rabbit, a deer, and a raccoon run through the forest. Where can they find help?

Wednesday, July 15

New Song

 懒玛丽 (Lazy Mary)

It's morning, and lazy Mary doesn't want to get up. Will Mother get her out of bed?

Wednesday, July 22

New Song

 小猪猪 (Little Piggy)

Join the five little piggies in a new twist on a classic nursery rhyme!

Wednesday, July 29

New Song

 来吧 (Looby Loo)

Sing and dance along with a witch and her magic creatures in this great new song!

Thursday, July 2

New Series

 丹尼和无色巨人们 (Danny and the Colorless Giants)
The magical giants' world of Ginormous is losing its color. Only Danny, a boy with a big imagination, can help the giants. Join Danny and his friends, smart Brad and sporty Tina, on a wild adventure that proves imagination is a powerful thing. (50 Episodes)
FRI2 小鸟和基普 (Bird and Kip)Quiet Bird and noisy Kip are best friends. Join these two unlikely friends on their silly adventures! (24 Episodes)

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