Schedule of New Releases in November 2020
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New releases in November 2020 are scheduled as below:


November 23

Final Episode

柳树溪双胞胎 (The Willow Creek Twins)

What's it like to be a twin? Follow the adventures of Katie and Joy Donovan in Willow Creek to find out in this Little Fox original series. (24 Episodes)

November 30

New Series

小美人鱼 (The Little Mermaid)

A mermaid princess gives up everything to become a human, but will she be able to marry the prince she loves? (16 Chapters)
TUE3 哈娜的相册 (Hana's Album) Season 2Join Hana as she shares her stories about her life with her family, Dad, Mom, Bada, and Hada! (36 Episodes)

November 18

Final Episode

灰姑娘 (Cinderella)

Once upon a time, there was a kindhearted girl, an evil stepmother and stepsisters, a fairy godmother, and a glass shoe. Enjoy a new retelling of this classic fairy tale. (12 episodes)

November 25

New Season

小恐龙朋友们 (Dino Buddies)

Lele, Shasha, Duoduo, and Tutu are four dinosaur friends. What fun adventures will these four friends have in this Little Fox original series? (24 Episodes)
THU4 丹尼和无色巨人们 (Danny and the Colorless Giants)The magical giants' world of Ginormous is losing its color. Only Danny, a boy with a big imagination, can help the giants. Join Danny and his friends, smart Brad and sporty Tina, on a wild adventure that proves imagination is a powerful thing. (50 Episodes)
FRI2 小猫们进城 (Peter Rabbit and Friends) Season 2Adapted from the classic illustrated children's books by English Beatrix Potter, this series follows the adventures of Peter Rabbit and his animal friends. What adventures are awaiting the animal friends? (24 Episodes)

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