Schedule of New Releases in June 2021
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 1,077 | Date: 2021-05-20 09:10

New releases in June 2021 are scheduled as below:


柳树溪双胞胎(The Willow Creek Twins)


What's it like to be a twin? Follow the adventures of Katie and Joy Donovan in Willow Creek to find out in this Little Fox original series. (24 Episodes)


卡特家庭(The Carter Family) Season 3

This original Little Fox series features the Carter Family: Dad, Mom, Emmy, Harry, Oliver, and Aunt Judy. Their everyday adventures always have plenty of fun. (25 Episodes)


太空巡逻队(Space Patrol)

Small but smart Ringo is a new Space Patrol rookie, but does he have what it takes to do the job? Luckily his trusty robot, Xiaobu, is always there to help him. (24 Episodes)


JUNE 10 Final Episode

丹尼和无色巨人们(Danny and the Colorless Giants)


The magical giants' world of Ginormous is losing its color. Only Danny, a boy with a big imagination, can help the giants. Join Danny and his friends, smart Brad and sporty Tina, on a wild adventure that proves imagination is a powerful thing. (50 Episodes)


New Series


火箭女孩儿(Rocket Girl)

Metro City is in trouble again and only one superhero can save the day. Join Rocket Girl as she keeps Metro City safe! A Little Fox original series. (24 Episodes)


淘气包里奇(Wacky Ricky) Season 3

Ricky's days are never boring—they're full of fun! What wacky things will Ricky do with his family and friends? (25 Episodes)

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