New Single Stories
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 530 | Date: 2022-03-15 09:29

Starting Tuesday, March 22, a new level 1 single story will be released every Tuesday

The stories teach basic words and simple sentences, perfect for learning Chinese sentences naturally.




March 22

 我看到花纹 (I See a Pattern)

 Where do you see a pattern? In the sky, at the beach, and more! 

 March 29

 我们的脸 (Our Faces)

 Learn words about parts of the face such as eyes, nose and mouth, and their shapes.

 April 5

 这是我的身体 (This Is My Body)

 Learn words for body parts.

 April 12

 啪嗒! (Splat!)

 Splat! Buzz! Splash! What sound do you hear?

April 19

 圣诞快乐! (Merry Christmas!)

 Let's decorate the Christmas tree!

April 26

 小点点们在礼品店 (The Blobs at the Gift Shop)

Three cute and silly blobs have fun in an amusement park after dark. Join them on their silly adventures and learn simple words and sentences. 

May 3

 小点点们和碰碰车 (The Blobs and the Bumper Car)

 May 10

 小点点们和旋转木马 (The Blobs on the Merry-Go-Round)

 May 17

 小点点们在镜子之家 (The Blobs in the House of Mirrors)