Schedule of New Releases in April 2022
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 434 | Date: 2022-03-21 09:33

New releases in April 2022 are scheduled as below:


New Song

Monday, April 4

Hide-and-Seek with Dinosaurs (和恐龙朋友们捉迷藏)


Freddy is playing hide-and-seek with five dinosaur friends. Let's see who they are and where they're hiding!

New Song

Monday, April 11

森林王子 (The Jungle Book)

Mowgli is a human boy raised by wolves in the jungle. Sing along with the characters from The Jungle Book in this new original song.

New Song

Monday, April 18

小恐龙朋友们 (Dino Buddies)


Are you ready for fun adventures with the buddies? Sing along with the characters from Dino Buddies in this original new song!

New Song

Monday, April 25

趣味儿童中心 (Fun at Kids Central)


Nina, Izzie, Jason, Bobby, and Ethan are at Kids Central for after-school fun and games. Sing along with the characters from Fun at Kids Central in this original new song!


New Single Story

Tuesday, April 5

这是我的身体 (This Is My Body)


Learn words about parts of the body such as legs, hands, and head.

New Single Story

Tuesday, April 12



Splat! Buzz! Splash! What sound do you hear?

New Single Story

Tuesday, April 19

圣诞快乐!(Merry Christmas!)


Let's decorate the Christmas tree!

New Single Story

Tuesday, April 26

小点点们在礼品店 (The Blobs at the Gift Shop)


Three cute and silly blobs have fun in an amusement park after dark. Join them on their silly adventures and learn simple words and sentences.


Final Episode

Wednesday, April 6

小恐龙朋友们 (Dino Buddies)


Lele, Shasha, Duoduo, and Tutu are four dinosaur friends. What fun adventures will these four friends have in this Little Fox original series? (24 Episodes)


New Stories

Wednesday, April 13

魔法师和猫咪 (Wizard and Cat) Season 3


Tom is a young wizard who isn't very good at magic. And he's the royal wizard at the palace! The royal wizard must be good at magic! Luckily, clever Cat is always around to help Tom.


趣味儿童中心 (Fun at Kids Central)

Are you ready for after-school fun and games? Miss Shelly always has fun things for the kids to do at Kids Central. Follow their after-school activities as they make crafts, play games, cook, and more! (40 Episodes)


Final Episode

Friday, April 29

白雪公主和七个小矮人(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

The evil queen is determined to get rid of Snow White. But Snow White finds some new friends—seven dwarfs. Enjoy a new retelling of this classic fairy tale! (12 Episodes)

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