New Season : 彼得兔和朋友们 (The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends)
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 603 | Date: 2022-04-27 09:02

Peter Rabbit and Friends are back Every Monday!

Peter Rabbit is back with all of his friends! Little Fox's level 2 series The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends continues with 6 new stories (24 episodes). Adapted from the classic illustrated children's books by English author Beatrix Potter, Little Fox's The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends series follows the adventures of naughty Peter Rabbit and his animal friends. The mayor needs his coat but the tailor has no buttons. Can Mrs. Hedgehog and the bunnies find a way to help? Find out starting Monday, May 2 with The Bunnies Help the Tailor.

  • 彼得

  • 彼得的姐妹们

  • 汤姆

  • 汤姆的姐妹们

  • 本杰明

  • 刺猬太太

  • 杰里米

  • 利比