Schedule of New Releases in July 2022
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 1,061 | Date: 2022-06-20 09:05

New releases in July 2022 are scheduled as below:


彼得兔和朋友们 (The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends)

Based on the famous children's books by Beatrix Potter, The World of Peter Rabbit series follows the adventures of Peter and his animal friends. (24 Episodes)


New Single Story

July 5

小猫在哪里?(Where Is Kitty?)


Help a boy find his cat and learn and practice words for furniture around the house.

New Single Story

July 12

分享 (Sharing)


Meet a group of friends and see what they like to share together.

New Single Story

July 19

气球 (Balloons)


Can you count the balloons? Practice numbers one through ten with the cute balloons!

New Single Story

July 26

我的一周 (The Days of the Week)


Check your schedule for the week and learn the days of the week.


魔法师和猫咪 (Wizard and Cat) Season 3

Tom is a young wizard who isn't very good at magic. And he's the royal wizard at the palace! The royal wizard must be good at magic! Luckily, clever Cat is always around to help Tom.


趣味儿童中心 (Fun at Kids Central)

Are you ready for after-school fun and games? Miss Shelly always has fun things for the kids to do at Kids Central. Follow their after-school activities as they make crafts, play games, cook, and more! (40 Episodes)


铁路边的孩子们 (The Railway Children)

Adapted from the classic children's novel by Edith Nesbit, The Railway Children is a story about hope and courage. When hard times fall upon a London family, they move to an old house in the country. There, the three children unexpectedly fall in love with the nearby railway. (25 Episodes)

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