New Single Stories: Level 2 Single Stories (15 Stories)
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 1,017 | Date: 2022-07-19 09:21

Starting on Tuesday, July 26, we will be releasing 15 level 2 single stories.

Learn basic words and sentences with fun stories about day of the week, the five senses, and more!




 July 26

我的一周 (The Days of the Week)

Check your schedule for the week and learn the days of the week.

August 2

我是谁?(Who Am I?)

A simple guessing game with clues about animals.

 August 9

衣服 (Clothes)

What uniforms do people wear to work?

August 16

那是谁的影子? (Whose Shadow Is That?)

Guess the object by looking at the shadow.

August 23

我最喜欢的 (My Favorite Things)

Introduce your favorite things to your friends!

August 30

脚印 (The Footprints)

Follow the footprints found in many places like the sand, mud, and grass.

September 6

在马戏团 (At the Circus)

Meet people in a circus and see what they do in the show. 

September 13

我是什么? (What Am I?)

Can you guess the object by what it does?

September 20

 工具 (Tools)

 Learn the names of tools needed to make a birdhouse.

September 27

手 (Hands)

Let's see what the family is doing by looking at their hands. 

October 4

罐子、瓶子和盒子  (Cans, Bottles, and Boxes)

Learn how items in a mart are stored. Are they in cans, bottles, or boxes?

 October 11

我的堡垒 (My Fort) 

A boy is playing in his fort and he can be anything he wants to be, like a miner or a knight!

 October 18

 五种感官 (The Five Senses)

 Learn about the five senses.

 October 25

 哪个最高? (Which Is the Tallest?)

 Learn and compare different size, height, length, and weight of objects.

 November 1

 时间在转 (Time Goes Around)

 Let's learn about time by looking at the hands on a clock, Earth, and the moon turning around.

※ The current versions of the Level 1 single stories will be available on our website until the Tuesday before the upgrade is published.