Schedule of New Releases in October 2022
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New releases in October 2022 are scheduled as below:


Final Episode

October 7

彼得兔和朋友们 (The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends)

Based on the famous children's books by Beatrix Potter, The World of Peter Rabbit series follows the adventures of Peter and his animal friends. (24 Episodes)

New Series

October 17

太空巡逻队 (Space Patrol)

The fun adventures of Ringo the Space Patrol rookie and his trusty robot Bot. (24 Episodes)


New Single Story

October 4

罐子、瓶子和盒子 (Cans, Bottles, and Boxes)


Learn how items in a mart are stored. Are they in cans, bottles, or boxes?.

New Single Story

October 11

我的堡垒 (My Fort)


A boy is playing in his fort and he can be anything he wants to be, like a miner or a knight!

New Single Story

October 18

五种感官 (The Five Senses)


Learn about the five senses.

New Single Story

October 25

哪个最高? (Which Is the Tallest?)


Learn and compare different size, height, length, and weight of objects.


杰克和豆茎 (Jack and the Beanstalk)

A fairy tale about a boy who grows a magic beanstalk. (24 Episodes)


轻轻公主 (The Light Princess)

A Scottish fairy tale by George MacDonald, it tells the story of Princess Ellen and an evil witch who steals Ellen's gravity. (16 Chapters)


Final Episode

October 21

铁路边的孩子们 (The Railway Children)

Adapted from the classic children's novel by Edith Nesbit, The Railway Children is a story about hope and courage. When hard times fall upon a London family, they move to an old house in the country. There, the three children unexpectedly fall in love with the nearby railway. (25 Episodes)

New Series

October 28

火箭女孩儿的西游大冒险 (Rocket Girl's Journey to the West)

"New Series October 28 火箭女孩儿的西游大冒险 (Rocket Girl's Journey to the West) Characters from Journey to the West accidentally travel to a strange new world and encounter a "goddess" with superpowers . . . Rocket Girl! (24 Chapters)

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