New Single Stories: Upgraded Level 1 and 2 Single Stories (19 Stories)
Writer: LittleFox | Views: 906 | Date: 2022-11-01 13:09

Starting on Tuesday, November 8, we will be releasing 19 Level 1 and 2 single stories. 

Learn basic words, sentences, and vocabulary with newly animated stories!






 November 8

 这是什么声音?(What Makes This Sound?)

Can you guess the musical instrument from its sound?


November 15

 新衣服 (New Clothes)

On a girl's birthday, she receives many colorful boxes. What new clothes are inside?

November 22

 走吧!(Let's Go)

There are many places we can go. We can go to the desert, the Arctic, the jungle, and more!

 November 29

 梦 (Dreams)

Fly, drive, cook, and more. What can you do in your dreams?


 December 6

 在学校 (At School)

Listen, talk, dance, and play. What do you like to do at school?

December 20

 老师,生日快乐!(Surprise, Teacher!)

The students have a surprise for their teacher. What could the surprise be?

December 27

 化妆舞会 (Costume Party)

A princess, a pirate, an astronaut and more! What will you be at the costume party?

 January 3

 大和小 (Big and Small)

 Big and small. Light and heavy. Practice the common words for opposites!


 你看到了什么?(What Do You See?)

Two friends go on a fun, underwater adventure. What do you see?


 形状先生 (Mr. Shapey)

Learn and practice the words for body parts and shapes with Mr. Shapey!

 January 24

 少了什么?(What Is Missing?)

 A door, a handle, or a button. Can you find what is missing from the common objects? 

 January 31

 泰迪的一天 (Teddy's Day)

Happy, angry, sad, and more. Teddy has a long day. Find out how he feels!

 February 7

 下雪了 (It's Snowy)

 Foggy, chilly, cloudy and more. Learn and practice weather words. How's the weather?

 February 14

 新家 (New Home)

 Animal friends in the zoo are going to their new home!

 February 21

 打扮 (Dressing Up)

Mommy's dress and Daddy's shirt. Practice words for things to wear! What can you put on?

February 28

 四季真有趣 (Seasons Are Fun)

 There are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. How are the seasons different?

March 7

 彩虹车 (Rainbow Car)

 Red, orange, yellow, and more. Do you know all the colors of the rainbow?

March 14

 我的直升飞机 (My Helicopter)

 Over the field, over the mountains, and over the orchard. Where does the helicopter fly?


 March 21


 Running, swimming, skating, and more. What are these shoes for?

※ The current versions of the Level 1,2 single stories will be available on our website until the Tuesday before the upgrade is published.