75 Songs | Fun songs for singing and dancing along
在屋顶上 Up on the Housetop
趣味儿童中心 Fun at Kids Central
小恐龙朋友们 Dino Buddies
森林王子 The Jungle Book
和恐龙朋友们捉迷藏 Hide-and-Seek with Dinosaurs
霸王龙?腕龙? Tyrannosaurus or Brachiosaurus?
我喜欢大山 I Love the Mountains
请带我去棒球场 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
克莱门汀 Clementine
早晨洗漱歌 2 Morning Wash and Rinse Song 2
星期歌 The Days of the Week
我们来庆祝 Joy to the World
怪物在跳舞 Monsters Dance
彼得兔和朋友们 Peter Rabbit and Friends
咻,苍蝇! Shoo, Fly!
在车站旁边 Down by the Station
小蝙蝠和朋友们 Bat and Friends
来吧,Looby Loo Here We Go Looby Loo
小猪猪 Little Piggy
懒玛丽 Lazy Mary