75 Songs | Fun songs for singing and dancing along
铃儿响叮当 Jingle Bells
一闪一闪小星星 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
西游记 Journey to the West
早上好, 晚上好 Good Morning, Good Evening
十只小恐龙 Ten Little Dinosaurs
手指家庭 The Finger Family
祝你生日快乐! Happy Birthday!
万圣节派对 Halloween Party
头和肩膀 Head and Shoulders
汽车的轮子 Wheels on the Bus
小熊 Little Bear
我有一个大农场 I Have a Big Farm
如果开心你就跟我拍拍手 If You're Happy then Clap Your Hands with Me
早晨洗漱歌 Morning Wash and Rinse Song
五只小猴子 Five Little Monkeys