36 Songs | Songs that help children learn basic conversational expressions
你好! Hello!
我叫敏宇 My Name Is Minwoo
这是什么? What's This?
一起玩! Let's Play!
坐下! Sit Down!
这是什么颜色? What Color Is This?
你几岁? How Old Are You?
她是我妈妈 She's My Mother
再见! Good-bye!
给我一杯水! Give Me a Cup of Water!
你喜欢什么? What Do You Like?
我会跳 I Can Jump
我很饿 I'm Very Hungry
洗洗脸 Wash Your Face
我可以看电视吗? Can I Watch TV?
起床! Wake Up!
短袖在哪里? Where Is My T-shirt?
你要什么? What Do You Want?
天气怎么样? How's the Weather?
那是什么? What’s That ?