35 Songs | Everyday expression songs with characters from Magic Marker
你叫什么名字? What's Your Name?
你在做什么? What Are You Doing?
这是什么? What Is This?
你喜欢比萨吗? Do You Like Pizza?
踢足球吧! Let's Play Soccer!
马克西在哪里? Where's Maxie?
我喜欢的颜色是蓝色 My Favorite Color Is Blue
你想做什么? What Do You Want to Do?
他们生气了 They Are Angry
是跳绳吗? Is It a Jump Rope?
你是艺术家吗? Are You an Artist?
我很矮 I'm Short
有多少个纸杯蛋糕? How Many Cupcakes?
我的玩偶在哪里? Where Is My Doll?
这些是什么? What Are These?
你拿了什么? What Do You Have?
几点了? What Time Is It?
她是谁? Who's She?
今天是星期几? What Day Is It Today?
你每个星期二做什么? What Do You Do on Tuesdays?