35 Songs | Everyday expression songs with characters from Magic Marker
你有短袖吗? Do You Have a T-shirt?
她有爆米花 She Has Some Popcorn
它有四条腿 It Has Four Legs
你从哪儿来? Where Are You From?
苏在哪里? Where Is Sue?
客厅里有一个书架 There's a Bookshelf in the Living Room
这是谁的漫画书? Whose Comic Book Is This?
你最喜欢的科目是什么? What's Your Favorite Subject?
学校在哪里? Where Is the School?
你多久钓一次鱼? How Often Do You Go Fishing?
什么时候吃午餐? When Do You Eat Lunch?
你怎么去那里? How Are You Going There?
你昨天在哪里? Where Were You Yesterday?
你昨天做了什么? What Did You Do Yesterday?
你看见了什么? What Did You See?