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姜饼人 The Gingerbread Man
小狗和他的骨头 The Dog and His Bone
小象 The Baby Elephant
小信封的大旅行 Little Envelope's Big Trip
牙齿精灵万岁 Hooray for the Tooth Fairy
金蛋 The Golden Egg
为什么动物有尾巴? Why Do Animals Have Tails?
莫莉和牛奶 Molly and the Milk
小鸡唧唧 Chicken Jiji
世界各地的生日习俗 Birthdays Around the World
去钓鱼 The Fishing Trip
忠诚的狗 The Faithful Dog
老鼠的秘密会议 The Secret Meeting of the Mice
小贩和他的驴 The Peddler and His Donkey
狼来了 The Boy Who Cried Wolf
龟兔赛跑 The Tortoise and the Hare
狮子和老鼠 The Lion and the Mouse
狐狸和乌鸦 The Fox and the Crow
一只熊和两个人 The Bear and the Two Travelers
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