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酒店 The Hotel
回到恐龙时代 When the Dinosaurs Roamed
收割时节 Harvest Time
让我们做棵圣诞树 Let's Get a Christmas Tree
这个夏天 This Summer
一大勺 A Big Scoop
上铺 Top Bunk
三朵金花 Three Golden Flowers
葡萄园的宝藏 Treasure in the Vineyard
和卢克玩耍 Playing with Luke
最昂贵的婚礼 The Most Expensive Wedding
谁是森林之王? Who is the King of the Forest?
坏蛋比利 Billy the Bully
不是所有的猫都抓老鼠 Not All Cats Chase Mice
神奇的雪屋 The Amazing Snow House
燕子和乌鸦 The Swallow and the Crow
会飞的动物 Animals That Can Fly
蚯蚓 Earthworm
动物们如何在沙漠里生存 How Animals Survive in the Desert
狐狸和山羊 The Fox and the Goat
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