36 Songs | Songs that help children learn basic conversational expressions
这是胡萝卜吗? Is This a Carrot?
这是我的手套 This Is My Mitt
你会骑自行车吗? Can You Ride a Bike?
多少只蚂蚁? How Many Ants?
这些是什么? What Are These?
它们很小 They're Small
西瓜在哪里? Where Is the Watermelon?
这里有几条蛇? How Many Snakes Are There?
你有什么? What Do You Have?
现在几点了? What Time Is It?
今天星期几? What Day Is It Today?
星期一你做什么? What Do You Do on Mondays?
这是他的书 It's His Book
请开窗户 Open the Window
他做什么工作? What Does He Do?
我不喜欢沙拉 I Don’t Like Salad